The Wright Way to Build Your Accounting Firm Part Nine – Channeling Your Motives into your Business


I’m so grateful and thrilled that you’re still here, pursuing your definite goal. I hope you are following all the prior stages I covered in this series. It is useful not in your business, but also in everyday life. 



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We’ll continue to learn another secret to success. This will still fuel your burning desire. This chapter will be about channeling your motives into your business. 


Before I planned my business trip, COVID-19 happened. This pandemic spread across the globe. It affected my mental health. I grew afraid and worried. I developed health anxiety. The EMOTION of FEAR grew in my mind.  


The reason I started my firm is not only to experience financial freedom. It’s too far from what I wanted. My goal was to create a company that would survive and thrive even if I am no longer alive. I desired a legacy. I dreamed of its perpetuation of life after death. 


I mentioned above about the emotion of fear and desire for a legacy. These are examples of my motives in business and life. What are Motives then? They influence every action we take. No one has accomplished anything in this world without the result of motives. We move and act because of it. For example, we became entrepreneurs because of our desires. In turn, our motives influence us as well. 


According to Napoleon Hill, there are nine different types of motives in life. They are as follows: 



  • Emotion of love 

  • Emotion of sex 

  • Desire for material wealth 

  • Desire for self-preservation 

  • Freedom of Body and Mind 

  • A desire for personal expression and recognition 

  • Desire for Perpetuation of life after death. 



  • Desire for Revenge 

  • Emotion of Fear 


These nine motives generate energy within our bodies. They either drive us to act or drain us, causing us to fail. Every individual should channel its motive to their specific goal. Direct these motivating forces to action. Then, life achievement will follow. 


As I mentioned above about my business travel, I developed an emotion of fear. It pushed me to get vaccinated.  At that time, the Philippines did not have enough vaccines from other countries. In the United States, several vaccine brands were already available to the public. What drove me the most to go back to Cleveland was not for my business trip. It was because of fear. The need to get vaccinated was overwhelming. 


I had two motives before I started my firm. I desired financial prosperity and to build my legacy at the same time. I wanted to perpetuate my name after death. That’s why I took action. I focused this drive on my business. I directed my desires into action. 


What happens then if you use your motives towards your business goals in a good way? You will develop willpower. You will have a high creativity drive. Your indifferent desire will not stay the same anymore. You will increase your performance level. You will boost your efficiency and productivity. You will feel energized and determined to succeed. It is clear that all these will help you generate success in life. 


Keep in mind that a negative result will happen if you fail to channel your motives towards your goals. It can drain your drive and energy. You can become a slave to these motives. It can deplete your desire and damage your perseverance.  


To reach our goals, we must first comprehend these forces and learn how to deal with them. Examine your life to see which of the mentioned motives above you own. Work on it and channel it into your burning desire in a positive way. 


The next installment will be about connecting your subconscious mind to success.  


Stay tuned. 



John R Wright



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