Social Media Management: The “Golden Goose” Trend in BPO Companies

The Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) industry is now regarded as one of the world’s fastest-growing industries. An industry where companies thrive from continuous innovation, easy accessibility to clients, fast business process development with a finger on the pulse of the most current industry trends. Due to this growth, it is only imperative to anticipate new trends to emerge every year, such as software upgrades or newly introduced technology. As the BPO industry is ever-evolving and continuously adapting to market challenges at a rapid pace, this year witnessed some specific outsourcing trends. The rise of social media management in the BPO business is one of these developments.

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The Growing Focus on Social Media Management

 According to Hootsuite, social media platforms have 4.62 billion users worldwide. People spend copious amounts of time browsing through online channels such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, TikTok, and YouTube. As a result, around 79% of the U.S. population now has at least one social media account, resulting in a significant shift in consumer behavior.

If you aren’t already enforcing a solid social media strategy for your company, then these statistics might persuade you – 1 in 3 individuals prefer social media customer care to more traditional channels like telephone and email. Over 67% of consumers use social media channels such as Facebook and Twitter to find solutions for product- or service-related issues. About 20 to 40% of them spend more on companies that engage with and respond to their customers on social media, while 70% have stated that they have used social media for customer care at least once.

The demand for first-rate customer service on these networks has created a surge in social media customer care jobs, the majority of which is outsourced to offshore hubs.

In the past, customer service relied on websites and interactive voice responses for transferring a call to the correct representative. Companies have realized that a “viral” tweet or post against a company could have a much higher (and faster) impact than contacting a customer support line. Social media has impacted and altered how businesses promote to customers and how customers submit feedback to businesses. Consumers have committed to this new outlet to relay their comments and complaints directly to companies which only means their expectation is of those companies to be as committed to social media to address their needs and correspondence. The unprecedented wealth of consumer data and feedback that social media provides to businesses and its improved ability to analyze upcoming trends that can help produce innovation, has made companies more appreciative of the central role it plays across the board. Executives increasingly monitor social media conversations and engagements to understand better consumer preferences and opinions of their products and services. They have invested in real-time customer engagement to gather and experience first-hand product insights.

Thanks to social media companies now have a direct line to the heartbeat of their customers thereby have become more effective and proactive in responding to their customers’ needs. But sustaining social media management like any other business service is costly with continual investment in technology to be on the cutting edge of the latest trends, as well as the labor force needed to manage that technology. To eliminate this in-house expense outsourcing social media tasks to a BPO service provider has emerged as an easy, fast, and cost-efficient remedy. The advantage of securing a BPO service provider has eliminated the need for companies to make hefty upfront financial expenditures in systems, costs of ongoing upgrades to that evolving system and the expense associated with establishing and growing of marketing teams.


A game changer for the BPO industry

BPO companies are no longer limited to call centers, as demand now is increasingly focusing on BPO companies that offer innovative and unconventional quality customer service, such as social media management. BPO companies now invest more resources into all aspects of social media management and place a higher emphasis on that business process to better assist and satisfy clients.

BPO providers by devoting resources and (human capital) to social media customer care means that customers can expect to get real-time support on social media given the fast-paced nature and sense of immediacy characteristic of social networking sites. Despite this, however, it takes an average of 12 hours for about 80% of social media responses to reach customers – a far cry from the average waiting time of just 56 seconds on the phone. In order to meet and supersede this record, BPO companies are dedicating a great deal of their resources and talent to social media customer care by allocating enough trained agents to handle requests 24/7 which creates a much better experience for customers.

Another way that social media management BPO providers are placing a higher emphasis on that business process is by heavily investing in employing and educating their labor forces to manage their growing communication channels so that they have the right tools and automation to ensure quality service. Therefore to stay current with the trends of social media management, BPO providers must offer continual training opportunities to employees if they intend to maintain a team of competent and dynamic agents.  


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