Housing and Urban Development

The Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) is the principal federal agency responsible for programs concerned with housing needs, fair housing opportunities, and improving and developing American communities. Its leader is a cabinet level appointee that oversees federal programs designed to help people with their housing needs. HUD seeks to increase home ownership, support community development and increase access to affordable housing free from discrimination.

At Hemphill Wright & Associates, Inc. we have supported the HUD mission by providing assistance to a variety of HUD projects for over 30 years. We work diligently to stay updated on new standards and regulations through continuing education and training to ensure that we can solve the many challenges faced by low income and elderly housing projects.

We offer a range of professional services related to:

Financial Management

Operating a successful housing project comes with a whole list of challenges, not least of which is maintaining a healthy level of financial stability. HUD projects also face a variety of challenges that are unique to the real estate industry as well as compliance and regulatory requirements imposed by HUD. Projects must have robust financial management and reporting systems in order to manage their finances and meet regulatory obligations. Our resource center can help project managers and owners find solutions to commonly encountered issues. Find a solution here.

Human Resources

HUD projects face many of the same human resource issues that other business face. However, due to the specialized nature of working for a real estate management organization, HR managers and owners deal with unique challenges when it comes to recruiting, hiring and retaining staff. Find out more here.


The majority of HUD projects have been forced to embrace technology in some form as a necessity. Whether it’s performing the monthly tenant billings, managing the wait list and application process or preparing eligibility and recertifications forms. However, there are numerous real estate applications on the market today that can enhance management’s ability to monitor performance, manage risks and predict outcomes. Learn more here.


How a HUD project governance body operates is crucial to the quality of decision making. The performance of boards, whether good or bad has a direct impact on the value and success of the project. Effective leadership and a strong organizational culture are very important to the viability and stability of any HUD project. If quality control is becoming an issue, it may be because the organizational structure is breaking down and the leadership may not be a good place to start making changes. Find out how to tackle those issues here.

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