Employee Benefit Plans

Managing competitive employee benefit plans is a complex and challenging process. Good benefits are not merely desirable to employees, they are a pre-requisite to hiring and retaining top talent. Employee benefits can also increase loyalty, focus and productivity. As one of the leading benefit plan accounting and consulting firms, Hemphill Wright & Associates, Inc has provided services to employee benefit plans for many years. We tailor our services to meet your plans unique aspects and compliance requirements. Our employee benefit plan team is dedicated to serving our client’s needs whether they are simple or complex. We can help.

We offer a range of professional services related to:

Financial Management

In today’s highly competitive marketplace, it is becoming increasingly difficult for business owners to attract and retain top talent. Designing an attractive employee benefit package may not be as difficult or as expensive as it may seem. Engaging an expert that understands the needs of smaller business enterprises makes a world of difference. Employers must have robust financial management and reporting systems in order to manage their plans and meet regulatory obligations. Our resource center can help business owners find solutions to commonly encountered issues.


Employers, sponsors and other plan fiduciaries face consequences and take risks every day in the normal course of business. Governance policies and procedures not only protects participants, it effectively shields employers, the board of directors and other fiduciaries from liabilities. Effective governance is vital for a business owner and management team to manage risks.


Advanced technology is important to the success of your business. Employers are struggling to design personalized employee benefit plans that are simple to maintain. In doing so,employers must harness technology to make the process more efficient and effective.Embracing technology can help create a self-service platform that will allow employees to customize benefit programs that appeals to their specific needs as well as the ability to modify plans as changes in lifestyle dictate.

Human Resources

In the small business environment, establishing an HR department is a luxury that most cannot afford, and business owners and administrators assume the challenges of managing,hiring, recruiting and retaining staff. Managing employee needs from day to day can be a significant burden for a small business. At HWA, we customize HR and benefits solutions to each company’s unique needs, so you get exactly the help you need, when you need it.

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