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There are countless organizations that work to help individuals and communities in need. In many cases, not-for-profits play a significant role in our society by undertaking projects that benefit the greater good. As one of the leading not-for-profit experts, Hemphill Wright & Associates, Inc. has served clients in the non-profit industry for more than 30 years. Over 80% of our present engagements represent services to not-for-profit agencies funded by federal, state and local governments. We are a trusted advisor in the not for profit world!  We work to address our clients’ needs, whether they are simple or complex.

We look forward to assisting your organizations with:

Financial Management

Developing accounting policies and procedures that address revenue recognition, accounting for contributions, classification of endowment funds, developing a proper chart of accounts as well as preparation of GAAP financial statements and disclosures are common issues.  You will find answers to these issues here.

Human Resources

Working for a not-for-profit organization, either as management, staff or a volunteer is a rewarding undertaking, but also has it’s challenges.  Staff shortages, high turnover, compliance requirements, training and continuing education are just a few of the many challenges facing human resource professionals.  Learn how to find solutions here.


One of the many responsibilities of the governing board is to assist management with its fundraising efforts.  However, unless board members have a fundraising or development background, this can be a major challenge if they are unable to merely write a check. Management and the board need new ideas beyond the traditional annual dinner. Learn new and unique fundraising ideas by staying in touch here.


Not-for-profit leaders and staff are learning to embrace technology to improve everything from donor engagement, tracking funds coming in and going out as well as using business intelligence software to measure performance. These same leaders are learning that donor dollars and other resources are limited and the organizations that can effectively use technology to find and track resources are a step ahead. Learn more here.


Serving on a nonprofit board of directors is an exceptional opportunity for professional development, career growth, and community service. This site will offer actionable advice on how to align yourself for the position that best fits your goals, skills, and passion. After finding the best way to serve, it is vital to establish a governance structure that provides the level of checks and balances appropriate for the organization’s purpose, size and complexity. This site will also provide an overview of board structure for those charged with governance.  Learn more here.

Sample Financial Statements

These ilustrative financial statements and Form 990 provide a non-authoritative example of a possibile presentation of a complete set of financial statements and Form 990 for small nongovernmental NFP that is not a health care provider under current GAAP

Download linked documents in Excel and Word to understand how the elements interrelate. A PDF copy of the financial statements, PDF of the Form 990, and an accompanying cash flow tool (Excel) are also available. Click here

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