Business Valuation: An Essential Process In Succession Planning

The assessment of a firm, its profitability, retention of company culture and how it stands in future years to come can be based on many factors, but usually for a small organization or a CPA firm owner, those factors for survival has been carved out primarily on the backdrop of a consistent and systematic diet […]

Mergers and Acquisitions: An Emerging Succession Strategy

When most firm leaders consider succession planning, they often expect cultivating a successor who has put in years of work and is fully acquainted with the team, clients, and firm practice as a whole. However, if your company lacks a well-groomed heir or a promising candidate to carry out an internal succession plan, you’ll be […]

Succession Planning: Exit Ramps for Your Practice

Succession planning is often treated as the elephant in the room. Although a vital inclusion to the overall prolongation of a firm, it is the most likely to be disregarded or overlooked business practice. Succession planning only becomes important in the face of adversity, which, in In most cases, is a little too late because […]