What is a Lease Between Landlord and Tenant?

Landlord and tenants sign lease agreements when renting property. What is included in this lease will vary. However, there are certain lease basics you should know about lease agreements in general.

Types of Property Inspection

Properties are inspected for many different reasons. It’s unlikely that you’ll experience all these types of inspections, but it’s always beneficial to know what to expect in case you’re faced with one or more of them.

Elderly Housing Options

Whether an elder opts to live independently, stay in a retirement community or be in an assisted living facility, choosing can be bewildering. Here are some of the elderly housing options.

How to Apply for Low-Income Housing

Families, senior citizens and persons with disability can apply for low-income or affordable housing, apartments or houses which rents are reduced through government funds and incentives.

What Does HUD Do?

This article provides a general overview of what HUD does and how it has succeeded and failed in achieving its goals over the years.