Tax Updates in 2022: What You Need to Know

The repercussions of the COVID-19 pandemic are unprecedented and have shaken up lives worldwide, particularly in the different organizations. It significantly impacted labor markets, economies, businesses, and worldwide supply networks, resulting in widespread organizational disruptions and financial difficulties as businesses struggled to fund essential operational expenditures. The government has responded to such market volatility and […]

7 Points to Guide in the Acquisition of An Accountancy Practice

The acquisition and sale of an accountancy practice is a challenging and complex process. The steps involved in this process of handing off from one entity to another requires much planning and preparation. The approach of the “Great Retirement,” a wave of “Baby Boomers” departing the workforce with the decision to sell their practices, will […]

How the Tough get Going… The Evolving Role of Leadership

  How are the leaders in your business doing? Perhaps they are thriving in these business conditions or maybe a different approach is required. In this article, we look at some leadership skills which are proving to be really valuable as businesses find a path forward this year and beyond.         Watch our video below […]

Brainstorming: Harvesting Brilliant Ideas for your Business

    Many businesses are re-evaluating the way they work. BRAINSTORMING is a good starting point to take advantage of future opportunities. To help you generate brilliant ideas which can also be implemented in your business, we are sharing some guidelines on brainstorming.   Watch our video below or read the article underneath to understand […]

Tips for Retiring in the Next 10 Years

The stock market continues to perform with relative resilience, despite the current economic decline. But to be clear, without 100 percent participation in the economy… More details click here