Business Valuation: An Essential Process In Succession Planning

The assessment of a firm, its profitability, retention of company culture and how it stands in future years to come can be based on many factors, but usually for a small organization or a CPA firm owner, those factors for survival has been carved out primarily on the backdrop of a consistent and systematic diet […]

7 Points to Guide in the Acquisition of An Accountancy Practice

The acquisition and sale of an accountancy practice is a challenging and complex process. The steps involved in this process of handing off from one entity to another requires much planning and preparation. The approach of the “Great Retirement,” a wave of “Baby Boomers” departing the workforce with the decision to sell their practices, will […]

A Non-Profit’s Succession Plan: The Strategy of Leadership Development

The best way to reduce the effect of lost talent and underdeveloped employees is to take the time to develop a leadership-based succession plan that focuses on developing and mentoring the next generation. Jim Bitterle, EDSI Managing Partner and Succession Planning Expert Do you have the next generation of employees ready to step into the […]

Mergers and Acquisitions: An Emerging Succession Strategy

  When most firm leaders consider succession planning, they often expect cultivating a successor who has put in years of work and is fully acquainted with the team, clients, and firm practice as a whole. However, if your company lacks a well-groomed heir or a promising candidate to carry out an internal succession plan, you’ll […]

Succession Planning: A Non-Profit’s Path to Survive and Thrive

Succession Planning according to Susan M. Heathfield is the process whereby an organization ensures that employees are recruited and developed to fill each key role within the company. In this process, you ensure that you will never have a key role open for which another employee is not prepared. It sounds like an awesome solution […]

Succession Planning: Exit Ramps for Your Practice

  Succession planning is often treated as the elephant in the room. Although a vital inclusion to the overall prolongation of a firm, it is the most likely to be disregarded or overlooked business practice. Succession planning only becomes important in the face of adversity, which, in In most cases, is a little too late […]

How Innovation Empowers Well-being in the Workforce

      The workplace has transformed. From the rise of digital technology and a move toward remote and hybrid work, the way organizations operate day-to-day is vastly different from just a decade ago. The COVID-19 pandemic has ramped up both existing trends, and we know that there is no turning back. Employees have faced […]